Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
17 September 2016

1.     Call to Order – Tim, KØEMP, called the meeting to order at 9:01 am and there were 14 members present.  A brief parody entitled “Larry King Obama Satire CB Radio Vs Ham Amateur Radio” was played via a YouTube link to start the meeting.
2.     Meeting Minutes – Lonnie, WØNXS, inquired if there were any corrections, revisions, or additions to the 20 August meeting minutes that had been emailed to the members prior to the meeting.  No corrections or additions were presented by the membership so minutes were considered approved unchanged. 

3.      Treasurer’s Report – Lonnie, WØNXS, presented the Treasurer’s report.
4.      Component Corner – Tim, KØEMP, presented a box that was donated by Jim Belford, WXØU, for use as an auction item in lieu of a component corner is his absence with the proceeds to be donated to the club.  The high bid of $35 was made by Lonnie, WØNXS.
5.      Announcements and Reports KØEMP, Tim
·         Executive Committee Meeting Update Tim, KØEMP, presented a summary of the Executive Meeting held 7 Sept. 2016.
·         Builder’s Corner (Show & Tell) – No “show & tell” items were presented.

·         Calling the Thursday Night Net - Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows:  
William Wolcott
Dean Binns
David Claridge
Linda Wolcott
William Wolcott
Dean Binns

Dean Binns

William Wolcott

·         Next VE Exam Session – KØEMP, Tim – Saturday, 3 Dec 2016 @ 6:00 PM
o   VEs volunteers for this testing session:
§  ADØSF – David Claridge
§  ADØTV – William Wolcott
§  KØEMP – Tim East
§  KCØUVH – Linda Wolcott
§  KDØRII – George Phoenix
§  WØNXS – Lonnie Worthington
6.         Continuing discussion and activity items
·         Kansas QSO Party (KØE) Dwight, KDØOIX – Reviewed the results of the KS QSO Party
o   Results as of 17 September 2016:
§  LOTW:    processed 604 QSOs and 217 QSLs
§  EQSL:     processed 607 QSOs and 136 QSLs  - 1 of our QSOs was rejected
§  N1MM:    showed 604 QSOs 1184/2 592 QSOs plus 12 worth zero pts (dupes &?)
§  3820 Score Summary has us second with 59,700 points (the leader has 107,808 points) in the multi-op low power category.

·         Race the Chase – KØEMP, Tim – 24 September – Discussion was had regarding the upcoming Race the Chase event.
o   Current list of volunteers:
§  David Claridge - ADØSF
§  William Wolcott – ADØTV
§  Tim East – KØEMP
§  Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
§  Dean Binns – KS1ERS
§  Larry Jeck – NØYNN
§  Lonnie Worthington – WØNXS

·         Wade’s Ride – WØNXS, Lonnie – 8 October – Discussion was had regarding the upcoming Wade’s Ride to benefit Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Emporia and surrounding areas.
o   Current list of volunteers:
§  William Wolcott – ADØTV
§  Mike Pate - KCØNFG
§  Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
§  Erika Martin - KEØGXW
§  Colton Wellnitz – KEØGXX
§  Dean Binns – KS1ERS
§  Larry Jeck – NØYNN
§  Lonnie Worthington - WØNXS
·         Trailer Committee Update – WØNXS, Lonnie – discussed the current status of the trailer
o   Trailer Design Review – Post-eyeball meeting trailer design postponed due to scheduling conflict and new date has not been scheduled to date.
·         KØV Veteran’s Day Special Event (KØV) 5 – 11 November – KDØOIX led the discussion regarding the Veteran’s day special event KØV.  Individuals can operate from their QTH or mobile and do not have to operate from the ESU radio “coop” as long as no two operators are on the same band and same mode at the same time.
o   Veteran’s Day Parade – Belinda, KEØCJU, raised a question about E.A.R.S. participating in the Veteran’s Day parade.  Discussion was had describing the float that had been put together in the past with a small beam on a “windmill” frame to look like a radio tower on a trailer with Julie, KDØLYS, appearing to operate from the trailer while Dwight, KDØOIX and Tim, KØEMP actually operated from inside the truck.  Several individuals appeared to be in favor of participating in the parade however no volunteers were identified as willing to commit at this point.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Dwight, KDØOIX, and let him know you will help.

7.      Additional Discussions / New Business
o   Heartland 100 – 8 - 9 October 2016 – Lonnie, WØNXS, noted that additional operators were still needed for the Heartland 100 Ultra-Marathon race through the Flint Hills and anyone interest should contact Russell Groves at the contact information listed in the agenda.
o   AUXComm Training – 10 – 11 December 2016 - Lonnie, WØNXS, brought up that an additional AuxComm training session has been scheduled for 10-11 Dec in Hays, KS like the one that he attended in August in Topeka.  Anyone interested should go to the KS Train website for additional information or contact Lonnie, WØNXS, for the registration / information link.
o   E.A.R.S. Club Logo License Plates – Lonnie, WØNXS – brought up that anyone wishing to purchase a decorative license plate (full or half with their call sign and the EARS club logo on it) can fill out one of the provided order forms.  We will collect orders up to and including the October eyeball meeting and payment is not required until after we receive the plates and the final shipping costs have been determined but the plates should be $10 or less each.
o   Immediate Past Presidents Position – Tim, KØEMP, brought up that the Executive Committee has suggested an additional position on the committee to include the past president.  It was noted that it should probably be defined as the Immediate Past President as that was the intent of the executive committee.  Considerable discussion was had regarding voting on the proposed position immediately, however, Dwight, KDØOIX, pointed out that it would require a change in the by-laws so it needed to be presented to the club membership for two months and then a vote could be taken on the proposed changes to the by-laws (i.e. constitutional revision).
o   Wichita Hamfest – It was noted that the Wichita Area Hamfest will be held 1 Oct 2016.
o   Steren Electronics – It was mentioned that Steren Electronics, which was described as similar to Radio Shack, has opened in Emporia.
o   Great American Marketplace – Tim, KØEMP, stated that Jason, KØSSZ, indicated that their business, Bourbon Cowboy, receives two spaces in the Great American Marketplace due to their membership in Mainstreet Emporia and Jason has offered to allow the EARS club to utilize their spaces next year if we would like to participate in the GAM. 
o   DK Promotions Donation – Tim, KØEMP, stated that based on club member feedback, the Executive Committee has decided that we should use some of the donation funds provided by DK Promotions should be used to purchase a new controller for the 146.985 repeater.
§  Tim, KØEMP, stated that it is the recommendation of the Exec. Committee to form a Repeater Committee to research and provide a proposal to the Exec. Committee on a potential controller that could be purchased for use on the 146.985 repeater.  Volunteers were solicited for the Repeater Committee with the following individuals volunteering, however if you are interested in participating in the Repeater Committee please contact one of the Exec. Committee members:
·         ADØTV – William Wolcott
·         KCØUVH – Linda Wolcott
·         WØNXS – Lonnie Worthington
o   Social Media Committee – Tim, KØEMP, stated that it is the recommendation of the Exec. Committee to form a Social Media Committee to oversee the establishing of rules and procedures for EARS club social media such as the newly established club Facebook page.  Volunteers were solicited for the committee with the following individuals volunteering:
·         ADØSF – David Claridge
·         KDØOIX – Dwight Moore
·         KS1ERS – Dean Binns (in charge of EARS Facebook page)
·         KDØRII – George Phoenix (in charge of EARS website)
o   Public Information Officer – Dwight, KDØOIX, asked who is officially the club’s PIO (Public Information Officer).  It was denoted that during the initial Exec. Committee meeting of the current club officers it was informally decided that Tim, KØEMP, and Lonnie, WØNXS, would split the duties of the PIO.  It was suggested that we determine a single point of contact for the PIO and Tim, KØEMP, stated that we would add it to the list of discussion topics for the next Executive Committee meeting.
o   ESU Block Party – Belinda, KEØCJU, suggested that the club participate in next year’s ESU Block Party for new students during the first week of August by taking the trailer down providing information to possibly attract new members and expose the students to amateur radio.

8.      Presentation – The following video presentations were played:
Intro to Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)
                                    Extending the range of an HT through the use of a “tiger tail” counterpoise wire   
9.      Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM.

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