Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
20 August 2016

Meeting Minutes:

1.     Call to Order – Tim, KØEMP, called the meeting to order at 9:02 am. Introductions were made and there were 18 members present.
2.     Meeting Minutes - The 16 July meeting minutes had been emailed to the members prior to the meeting and no corrections or additions were presented by the membership so minutes were considered approved unchanged.
3.     Treasurer’s Report – Lonnie, WØNXS, presented the Treasurer’s report and presented past donation levels made in 2015: $30 to QSL.Net (website host) and $120 to KØHAM (repeater group).
        David, ADØSF, made a motion to donate the same amounts for 2016.
        Mike, KCØNFG, seconded the motion and motion was approved unanimously.

4.     Kansas QSO Party – Dwight, KDØOIX, presented the final planning for the KS QSO Party on August 27-28.
o   We will be operating as KØE for the “E” in “Sunflower”.
o   We will be using N1MM logging software & a “cheat sheet” was available for those interested.
o   Dwight also noted that it appears the RF interference that was experienced at ESU during Field Day has gone away at least for now.
o   Dwight also stated that LOTW and eQSL are active for the club’s call.

5.      Announcements and Reports
·         Executive Committee Meeting – Tim, KØEMP, presented a summary of the recent Executive Meetings held 02 August 2016.

o   ARRL QST Magazine - Dwight, KDØOIX, noted that previous QST magazines are available outside of SH144 for anyone interested in reviewing them.
§  The suggestion was also made that anyone wishing to dispose of old QST magazines could “drop them off” at a doctor’s office or donate them to the library.

o   Trailer Update – Lonnie, WØNXS, gave a brief overview of the status of the work remaining to be performed on the trailer.
§  Tim, KØEMP, also wanted to make sure that everyone understands that anything that has been donated to the trailer could be sold or disposed of so if anyone has donated something and would like it back or would like to clarify that the item is only “on loan” please get with one of the Exec. Committee members.
§  Lonnie, WØNXS, suggested developing a Loaned / Donated listing in the future.

o   Manuals for Sale – Erika, KEØGXW,  reported that several of the instruction manuals she was given to sale are already available online via PDF but the printed manuals could be considered “vintage” with only a $2-$4 value each so she will be bundling them (ex. all Kenwood manuals, etc.) in order to maximize the profits from each sale.

·         Builder’s Corner
o   Tim, KØEMP, showed a small Four State QRP Group receiver that he built from a kit (Model: ZZRX-40) for $45 plus shipping.  Tim also displayed his portable Buddipole kit.

o   Tim, KØEMP, also passed around a small oscilloscope that was recently in QST magazine (JYE Tech Model 138).

o   William, ADØTV, said that he recently purchased a couple of the super flexible whip antennas like David, ADØSF, showed last month and they work very well.

·         Calling the Thursday Night Net – Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows:

William Wolcott
Linda Wolcott
Audrey Moran
Dean Binns
William Wolcott
Dean Binns
David Claridge

·         Next VE Exam Session – Options were discussed regarding the next VE session and it was determined that it would be held on Saturday, 3 December 2016 at 6PM and there will not be a Ham Cram session preceding it.

6.      Continuing discussion and activity items
o   Lunar Kanza – David, ADØSF, gave a review of the Lunar Kanza event that was held 16 July. 
§  Several additional Jeep club members have expressed interest in getting licensed.
§  We will be working through some of the APRS communication issues before future events.
§  Overall DK Promotions was very pleased with the EARS club involvement.

o   Weather Ready Nation – Lonnie, WØNXS, made a motion for the club to become WRN Ambassadors, Dean, KS1ERS, seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 1 opposed with no additional discussion.  David, ADØSF, will coordinate with Dwight, KDØOIX, in getting the club registered.

o   Great American Market – Discussion was had regarding potentially participating in the Great American Market on Sept 10th.
§  David, ADØSF, stated that after talking with the event organizers the club would have to pay for booth space ($35 / booth + $10 elec.), however it was unknown if we would have to pay for two 15 foot booths given the size of our trailer.  It was noted that it was not known and disclosed at the time of the participation survey that there would be a club cost associated so some of the “votes” may be different now.
§  George, KDØRII, suggested that we park the trailer near the event but not in the actual event to avoid having to pay.  Discussion was had regarding the proposal but it was decided that we would most likely not have much traffic or interest from the public by not being in the event area.
§  Tim, KØEMP, made a motion to not do it this year which was seconded by William, ADØTV.  After discussion was had regarding whether a motion and/or vote was needed “for something that we were already not doing”, the motion was modified to table the discussion of participation in the G.A.M. until next year.  Motion passed without further discussion.

o   Race the Chase – 24 September 2016
§  Tim, KØEMP, sketched a diagram of the general route area of Strong City, Cottonwood Falls and the Z-Bar Ranch.  It was noted that this year the route will not be crossing the railroad tracks and therefore, Start/Finish (i.e. Net Control) will be located at the old train depot in Strong City.
§  Setup will start @ 0630 (6:30 AM) - Event should be completed by 1430 (2:30 PM)
§  Requesting 5 – 6 operators minimum
·         Net Control (1 – 2 operators)
·         3 Mobile Gators (1 operator each)
·         1 EMT Med station (1 operator)
·         Potentially utilizing APRS
§  Current list of volunteers:
·         William Wolcott – ADØTV
·         Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
·         Colton Wellnitz – KEØGXX
·         Dean Binns – KS1ERS
·         Larry Jeck – NØYNN
·         Lonnie Worthington – WØNXS
·         Tim East – KØEMP – Tentative - potentially out of town on business trip
§  Note - Volunteer details e-mail will be sent the week of 19 September.

o   Wade’s Ride – 08 October 2016
§  Lonnie, WØNXS, reported that he has been in contact with the event organizers and they are extremely excited to have EARS assist them with the event which is a benefit event to raise awareness in the fight against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
§  Requesting 7 - 8 operators minimum
·         Net Control (1 – 2 operators)
·         6 Stops (4 motorcycle stops and 2 bicycle stops - 1 operator each minimum)
§  Current list of volunteers:
·         David Claridge – ADØSF
·         William Wolcott – ADØTV
·         Mike Pate - KCØNFG
·         Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
·         Erika Martin - KEØGXW
·         Colton Wellnitz – KEØGXX
·         Tim East – KØEMP
·         Dean Binns – KS1ERS
·         Larry Jeck – NØYNN
·         Lonnie Worthington – WØNXS

o   New Business / Additional Discussions – No new business or additional discussion

7. Presentation – FEMA AUXCOMM Training Class – Lonnie, WØNXS
o   Lonnie, WØNXS, gave a brief PowerPoint presentation relating to the FEMA AUXCOMM training course that he attended on 13-14 August at the Kansas National Guard Facility in Topeka, KS which was sponsored by KDEM (Kansas Department of Emergency Management).
o   Update:  Due to the overwhelming response and attendance at the August 2016 training session in Topeka.  KDEM has arranged for an additional training class to be held in Hays, KS on 10-11 December (additional course information will be e-mailed to club members).

8. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 AM.

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