Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
15 October 2016
DRAFT – For Review

1.  Call to Order – Lonnie, WØNXS, called the meeting to order at 9:00 am and there were 13 members present.
2.  Meeting Minutes – Lonnie, WØNXS asked if there were any corrections, revisions, or additions to the 17 September meeting minutes that had been emailed to the members prior to the meeting.  No corrections or additions were presented by the membership.  Larry, NØYNN, made a motion to approve the minutes as previously distributed.  Jack, WØFRU, and Belinda, KEØCJU, both seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved unanimously.
3.  Treasurer’s Report – Lonnie, WØNXS, presented the Treasurer’s report. 
4.  Component Corner – No Component Corner for the October meeting.
5.  Announcements and Reports
·   Executive Committee Meeting Update - Lonnie, WØNXS, provided an overview of the discussion topics from the 13 October Executive Committee.
·        Builder’s Corner (Show & Tell) – No “show & tell” items were presented.
·        Calling the Thursday Night Net - Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows:  
William Wolcott
Dean Binns
Linda Wolcott
Dean Binns
Dean Binns
William Wolcott
·         Next VE Exam Session – Lonnie, WØNXS Saturday, 3 Dec 2016 @ 6:00 PM
o   VEs volunteers that have offered to assist with this testing session are as follows:
§  ADØSF – David Claridge
§  ADØTV – William Wolcott
§  KØEMP – Tim East
§  KCØUVH – Linda Wolcott
§  KDØRII – George Phoenix
§  WØFRU – Jack Sensintaffar
§  WØNXS – Lonnie Worthington
6.         Continuing discussion and activity items
·     Race the Chase – Lonnie, WØNXS, provided a review of 24 September event
o   Participating operators/volunteers:
§  Mobile Gator #1: April Haraughty – KEØJFX
§  Mobile Gator #2: Larry Jeck – NØYNN
§  Mobile Gator #3: David Claridge – ADØSF
§  Medical Aid Station: William Wolcott – ADØTV & Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
§  Net Control:  Lonnie Worthington – WØNXS
·     Wade’s Ride – Lonnie, WØNXS, provided a review of 8 October event
o   Participating operators/volunteers:
§  Motorcycle Route Stop #1 (Reading): Mike Pate – KCØNFG
§  Motorcycle Route Stop #2 (Hartford): Larry Jeck – NØYNN & April Haraughty – KEØJFX
§  Motorcycle Route Stop #3 (Madison): Pat McClelland, Tiffany, & Ava (via cell)
§  Motorcycle Route Stop #4 (Olpe): William Wolcott – ADØTV & Linda Wolcott – KCØUVH
§  Net Control / Bicycle Stop #1 (Rd 180 & Rd A):  Lonnie Worthington - WØNXS
§  Bicycle Route Stop #2 (Rd 290 & Rd Z):  Dean Binns – KS1ERS
§  Bicycle Route Stop #3 (Rd 200 & Rd C):  Marla Worthington (via cell)

·       Heartland 100 – Lonnie, WØNXS, reviewed the 8 - 9 October 2016 ultra-marathon through the Flint Hills and encouraged others to participate in future Heartland 100 events as they could have used a few more amateur radio operators scheduled for the event.
·        Trailer Committee Update – Lonnie, WØNXS, reviewed the current trailer build status and the potential postponement of the trailer design review and next work day until next spring.
·      E.A.R.S. Club Logo License Plates – Lonnie, WØNXS, reminded the members to place their orders for the club logo decorative license plates by the end of the meeting as they will be ordered next week; however payment is not required until they are delivered.
·     KØV Veteran’s Day Special Event (KØV) – A sign-up sheet that Dwight, KDØOIX, provided was passed for operators to denote which days they would like to operate for the KØV, Veteran’s Day Special Event on 5 – 11 November.  Additional operators are needed to fill several time periods so please let Dwight, KDØOIX, know which days/time periods you would like to operate in addition to which band(s) and mode(s).  KØV can be operated from your QTH so you do not have to use the ESU “coop” if you would prefer to operate from your QTH.
·     Veteran’s Day Parade – Belinda, KEØCJU, and Bud, NØII, said that they met with Dwight, KDØOIX, last week and have arranged for the EARS club to have a float in the Veteran’s Day Parade to be held on Friday, 11 November. 
o   The plan is to use Dwight’s pickup and trailer with a similar display to a previous float with a small beam antenna/tower erected on the trailer with individuals acting like they are operating from the trailer with actual on-air operating occurring mobile from the pickup.  Linda and William offered to ride on the float during the parade on 11 Nov.
o   Volunteers are needed to assist with the assembly of the trailer float which is scheduled for 8 Nov at 10:00 AM with the location yet to be determined.  Please contact, Dwight, Belinda or Bud if you are interested in assisting with the float assembly/build process.
o   If anyone has a location and/or suggestion for a place to park the float trailer from 8 Nov until the parade on 11 Nov, please contact Dwight, Belinda or Bud.
·      AUXComm Training – Lonnie, WØNXS, discussed the upcoming AUXComm training in Hays, KS 10 – 11 December.  Anyone interested in participating can contact Lonnie for additional details or can find out more on the KS Train website by searching for “AUXCOMM” or “amateur radio”.
·      Immediate Past Presidents Position – Lonnie, WØNXS, led the discussion regarding having an additional position on the executive committee for the immediate past president of the club.  This potential change must be presented at two consecutive club meetings prior to vote for changing the by-laws for inclusion of the proposed position.
·    Repeater Committee Update – Lonnie, WØNXS, discussed that the repeater committee is currently comprised of William, ADØTV; Linda, KCØUVH and Lonnie, WØNXS, however additional committee members are requested so if you are interested please contact one of the executive committee members.
·      Social Media Committee Update – The social media committee is currently David, ADØSF; Dwight KDØOIX; George, KDØRII and Dean, KS1ERS.  The committee will most likely hold their first meeting and select a committee chair after Thanksgiving.
·   Public Information Officer – Lonnie, WØNXS, discussed the determination of the Exec Committee during the last EC meeting to have Tim East, KØEMP, be the club’s official PIO through the end of the current office terms.

7.      Additional Discussions / New Business
·      Club Christmas Party – Discussion was had regarding the club Christmas Party which will be held on a yet to be determined date in December.  Additional suggestions/recommendations for catering were requested.  Two suggestions, in addition to Bobby D’s BBQ, were Coaches and Casa Ramos with Jason, KØSSZ, stating that they had a function held at the Trophy Room (upstairs of Casa Romas) and the Fiesta Platters worked out very well.

·       Ham Cram in 2017 – Lonnie, WØNXS, requested input from the club members in attendance on the interest in having a Ham Cram in 2017 for Tech and General licensing.  Larry, NØYNN, stated that he thought there were 5-6 that participated last time.  Subject was tabled for follow-up and additional discussion during the November eyeball meeting.

8.      Presentation – No presentation during the October meeting.

9.      Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.