Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
19 November 2016

1.    Call to Order – Tim, KØEMP called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM with 11 members in attendance.  A short YouTube video was shown on “HAMMING” Vintage.
2.     Meeting Minutes – Tim, KØEMP - The 15 October 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with no changes.
3.     Treasurer’s Report – Tim, KØEMP, reviewed the treasurer’s report which was approved with no changes.
4.      Component Corner – Jim, WXØU, discussed line loss through coax and the differences in SWR at different frequencies and how that can become significant.  Tim, KØEMP, discussed the best way to measure how we are actually getting out is through the use of an RF field meter.
5.      Announcements and Reports Tim, KØEMP
·         Executive Committee Meeting Update – None - No EC meeting in November
·         Builder’s Corner (Show & Tell) – George, KDØRII, showed a voice equalizer that he uses to help equalize strong and soft voices on UHF/VHF speech.
·   Calling the Thursday Night Net Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows (UPDATE: additional volunteers solicited during the VE Testing Session on Dec 3) - Thank you to KS1ERS, Dean, for picking up the unassigned net on Dec 1st.  
William Wolcott
Dean Binns
Linda Wolcott
David Claridge
Tim East
William Wolcott



·         Next VE Exam Session – Tim, KØEMP Saturday, 3 Dec 2016 @ 6:00 PM
o   UPDATE: VEs volunteers assisting with this testing session were:
§  ADØSF – David Claridge
§  ADØTV – William Wolcott
§  KØEMP – Tim East
§  KCØUVH – Linda Wolcott
§  WØNXS – Lonnie Worthington
o   Additional assistance from KS1ERS – Dean Binns
6.         Continuing discussion and activity items
·         Trailer Committee Update – Tim, KØEMP Review of current trailer build status
·         E.A.R.S. Club Logo License Plates – Tim, KØEMP – Several plates were picked up at the eyeball meeting with only 2 outstanding plates remaining which will be available for pick up during the Christmas party on Dec. 16th.
·         KØV Veteran’s Day Special Event (KØV) Dwight, KDØOIX - Review
·         Veteran’s Day Parade – Dwight, KDØOIX – Float entry cancelled
·         AUXComm Training – Tim, KØEMP 10 – 11 December
o   Originally scheduled for Hays, KS – has been moved to Olathe, KS (Johnson County Administration Building Room 200)
·       Immediate Past Presidents Position – Tim, KØEMP – discussion was had a vote to amend the by-laws to include the Immediate Past Presidents Position on the Executive Committee pass unanimously.  Amendments to the constitution and bylaws have been submitted to the Executive Committee to include the Immediate Past Presidents Position.
·        Repeater Committee Update – Tim, KØEMP – No update to report at this time
o   Current committee members – additional committee members requested
§  ADØTV – William Wolcott
§  KCØUVH – Linda Wolcott
§  WØNXS – Lonnie Worthington

·      Social Media Committee Update – A brief meeting was held with KS1ERS, Dean, suggested as chair but will be finalized once ADØSF is able to attend a Social Media Committee meeting.
o   Current committee members
§  ADØSF – David Claridge
§  KDØOIX – Dwight Moore
§  KS1ERS – Dean Binns (in charge of EARS Facebook page)
§  KDØRII – George Phoenix (in charge of EARS website)
7.      Additional Discussions / New Business
·         Club Christmas Party – Tim, KØEMP – Discussion was had regarding the upcoming Christmas Party.
Location: Pizza Ranch (3000 W 18th Ave.)
Date:   Friday, December 16th
Time:  6:00 – 6:30 Social Time
            6:30 – 6:40 Presentation
            6:40 – 8:30 Dinner
Cost:   $ 9.98 per person (+tax)*
*Club will pick up the gratuity

·      Ham Cram in 2017Tim, KØEMP – Discussion was had regarding holding a HAM Cram in 2017 with no strong opinion either way but the club members present were generally for holding one.
8.      Presentation – No presentation
9.      Adjournment

* As a reminder there will not be the usual monthly 3rd Saturday eyeball meeting in December. *

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