Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
18 June 2016

Meeting Minutes:

1.     Call to Order - Tim, KØEMP, called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. Introductions were made and we had 15 members present including 3 new members that joined at the conclusion of the meeting.
2.     Meeting Minutes - The 21 May meeting minutes had been emailed to the members prior to the meeting. Dwight, KDØOIX, made a motion to approve the minutes as written, William, ADØTV, seconded, passed unanimously.
3.     Treasurer’s Report – Lonnie, WØNXS, presented the Treasurer’s report. Linda, KCØUVH, motioned to approve, Dean, KDØAZZ, seconded; report was approved by a majority with one opposed and no additional discussion.
·         Tim, KØEMP, mentioned all of the local sponsors that assisted with the Community Service Trailer project via resource and/or in-kind donations.  The alphabetical listing is as follows:
o   American Electric
o   Babbinger Trust
o   Better Living Technology
o   DK Promotions
o   Emporia Amateur Radio Society
o   Flint Hills Technical College
o   Kansa Technology, LLC
o   Seamless Data

4.      Component Corner – Linked Repeaters and Effect of Long Squelch Tails
·         Tim, KØEMP, discussed the potential negative impacts of keying up to talk before the squelch tail ends on linked repeaters. 
o   Once negative impact discussed would be the potential for an operator with priority not being able to have an opportunity to break in.
o   Another impact would be in the case of the DK200 cross-band “repeater” where keying up before the squelch tail ends would not repeat the transmission.
·         Tim made a “Presidential Request” that we wait for a full 3 seconds (“count to 3 Mississippi”) after the squelch tell ends before keying up.
·         Jim, WXØU, provided an in-depth explanation of the cross-band limitation and overview of the cross-band remote “repeater” that was utilized for the DK200.
o   The 146.985 repeater was utilized as the primary repeater for radio communications during the DK200 race.
o   A remote cross-band temporary repeater was setup in Greenwood County to provide extended coverage into an area that had a difficult time reaching the 146.985 repeater.
o   This cross-band repeater (CBR) had one channel operating simplex on 446.500 and the other channel configured for the 146.985 repeater.
o   When the CBR received a radio transmission on 446.500 from one of the support vehicles operating in that area the CBR would switch to transmit mode and transmit that communication to the 146.985 repeater.  Once the radio transmitting on 446.500 would un-key the CBR would return to receive mode.
o   When the cross-band repeater received a radio transmission from the 146.985 repeater it would go into transmit mode retransmit that communication on 446.500.  Once the 146.985 repeater was no longer transmitting (including the squelch tail) the CBR would return once again to the receive mode.
o   In a “perfect world” where the squelch tails are virtually non-existent the CBR would switch between transmit and receive modes almost instantaneously.  However, if an operator keys up on the 446.500 before the squelch tail has ended after the transmission from the 146.985 being repeated (i.e. the CBR is still in transmit mode) the CBR would not be allowed the time to switch from transmit to receive mode and the 446.500 operator’s communication would not be re-transmitted to the 146.985 repeater as the CBR can only do one thing at a time either receive or transmit.

5.      Announcements and Reports
·         Lyon County Emergency Management – Discussion was had as a follow-up to Jarrod Fell’s visit during the May eyeball meeting. 
o   Tim, KØEMP, listed the online FEMA courses that operators should take if they are interested in potentially being considered for FEMA certification.
§  ICS-100 – Introduction to Incident Command
§  ICS-200 - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
§  ICS-700 - National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
§  ICS-800 - National Response Framework, An Introduction
o   The following are additional courses that must be taken in person – consult KS Train ( for available training sessions.
§  ICS-300 - Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
§  ICS-400 - Advanced ICS
o   George, KDØRII, noted that to be involved with RACES you only need ICS-100 & ICS-700.
o   Dwight, KDØOIX, said that weather spotter training is also available through the KS Train website.

·         Executive Committee Meeting – Tim, KØEMP, presented a summary the recent Executive Meetings held 12 June 2016.
o   Extra Class Training Session – Tim, KØEMP, noted that due to the limited response of individuals definitely interested in receiving the Extra Class training (2 respondents of 31 solicited) we will not be holding an Extra Class training session.  However, we will notify the group when it is determined that Topeka will be holding another training session if they would like to participate in the Topeka training sessions.

o   Trailer Update – Lonnie, WØNXS, gave an overview of the current status of the work remaining to be performed on the trailer which includes:
§  Installing the deep cell battery and disconnect
§  Trimming the flooring
§  Fabricating and installing the external coax hatch / mounting plate
§  Tim, KØEMP, also discussed the need for additional cooling / venting in the trailer.
§  Dean, KDØAZZ, said that box fan that he provided for use during the DK200 was to be donated to the club along with the trailer keys that he had made during the setup day prior to the DK.

o   Donation – Tim, KØEMP, said that the club received a $65 donation from an anonymous member to purchase Field Day supplies such as possibly a Handi-Finder antenna for use during the Fox Hunt.  Unfortunately, after checking with the company that makes the Handi-Finder it was determined that we would not be guaranteed to receive the antenna prior to Field Day so we would not be purchasing it at this time.

o   Equipment for Sale – Tim, KØEMP, said that the manuals were the only items remaining to be sold and they were left in Erika’s, KEØGXW, office that morning as she has volunteered to get them listed and sold via the web.

·         Builder’s Corner
o   David, ADØSF, showed a very flexible dual band antenna for HTs which is sold by Signal Stuff ( as a fundraiser for  The antennas are comprised of an 18.25” long nitinol (nickel titanium) whip that can be coiled without taking a set and a 3-D printed cover with your choice of connector (SMA Female, SMA Male and BNC) for $20.

o   Greg, KAØFZR, brought in a homebrew Buddi-Dipole which can be tuned from 20m – 2m by changing the coils and is based on W3FF’s design.  It utilizes a painter’s extension pole to get it approximately 20 feet in the air and can be built for approximately $80 vs $400 for a mass produced Buddipole.

o   George, KDØRII, showed a 4 x 1 antenna switcher made by Snaptekk Technologies ( that was listed in a recent edition of QST magazine.  The switcher is only $40 which includes a Bluetooth module.
o   NOTE:  Connie, KØUER, said that his family is throwing a 90th birthday for him on July 15th from 4-7 PM and Bobby D’s will be catering it.  All E.A.R.S. members are invited so please contact Carol at 360.301.4345 to RSVP.
·         Calling the Thursday Night Net – Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows:

Linda Wolcott
Lonnie Worthington
David Claridge
Dean Binns
Tim East
Bill Wolcott
David Claridge
Dean Binns
Dean Binns

·         Next VE Exam Session – held following the eyeball meeting on Saturday June 18th.
6.      Continuing discussion and activity items
·         Club Call Sign Change Update – Lonnie, WØNXS, reported that the club call sign change is now official so we are now WØEMP.
·         Generous Donation – Tim, KØEMP, informed the group of the generous donation made to the Emporia Amateur Radio Society by DK Promotions in the form of a $1,000 check.
o   Tim, KØEMP, asked that members get in touch with one of the Executive Committee members (KØEMP, ADØSF or WØNXS) to provide suggestions as to how the money should be utilized for the club.
o   Dave, KCØURW, suggested that we get input from DK Promotions as to how they would suggest the funds be spent, however Jim, WXØU, said that DK Promotions was very explicit that it was up to the club to use however we wanted.
·         DK 200 Review – Tim, KØEMP, led the congratulations and thanks for each of the operators that assisted with the DK200, especially Mike, KCØNFG, who was a tremendous asset in the trailer in coordinating all of the requests for assistance calls from the “folks in the purple tents” and he also took over as the “on-air” Net Control starting at midnight.
§  Net Control:                         Tim, KØEMP / Mike, KCØNFG
§  DK100 Check Point:          Linda, KCØUVH / William, ADØTV
§  DK200 CP 1 & CP3:          Karen, KBØDHT / Corey, KEØITF
                                                                                                Dwight, KDØOIX / George, KDØRII
§  DK200 Check Point 2:       David, ADØSF / Dean, KDØAZZ
§  Start / Finish Line:             Julie, KDØLYS / Noah, KDØLYR
§  Rovers:                                 Jim, WXØU / Lonnie, WØNXS
o   Dean, KDØAZZ, said that the girlfriend of the injured rider who was life-flighted was at Check Point 2 in Eureka when the accident happened and she was very appreciative that she was able to get information about his condition and where he was being transported.
o   Tim, KØEMP, also discussed some of the areas of improvement that can be made in the future.
§  Trailer Improvements – Cooling, additional 120V outlets, refrigerator, and possibly the location in that the “purple tents” should be right beside the trailer.
§  Improved coverage for the Eureka area is needed
§  Tim also stated that we should have 2 Net Control operators at all times
·         Lunar Kanza Ride – Tim, KØEMP, said that DK Promotions requests the EARS services again for the 50 mile Lunar Kanza ride on Saturday, July 16th from approximately 1800 – 2330.
o   The trailer will be located downtown is probably the same spot as it was for the DK200.
o   There will probably only be one checkpoint which will be at the turn-around point.
o   He is anticipating that we will need 2 – 4 operators and the following individuals volunteered:
§  Dean, KDØAZZ
§  David, ADØSF
§  George, KDØRII
·         Kansas QSO Party – Dwight, KDØOIX, brought up that the Kansas QSO party is scheduled for August 27-28 and we usually operate as KØE for the “E” in “Sunflower”.
·         Wade’s Ride – Lonnie, WØNXS, brought up about the potential for assisting with Wade’s Ride on October 8th by working checkpoints and providing radio communication between the checkpoints.  Last year’s ride had 5-6 checkpoints and Lonnie will get more information regarding how many potential operators would be needed and then see what interest there is within club to assist with the benefit ride.
·         Field Day Update – Dwight, KDØOIX, went through final preparations for Field Day which will be next weekend June 25 – 26 June at the north end of the ESU practice fields. 
o   We will begin transmitting at 1300 on Saturday and end at 1300 on Sunday so we can begin setting up at 0900 Saturday.
o   Lonnie, WØNXS, will transport the trailer to the practice fields Saturday morning.
o   We will have (3) radios setup being supplied by KDØOIX, N0II, WØNXS
o   Bud, N0II, will be providing a solar setup which will garner additional points with at least 5 QSOs being obtaining while running on solar power. The solar setup is slated to be utilized at the trailer.
o   We will be obtaining education points by holding an educational lesson and activity which the fox hunt Saturday evening will be part of and conducted by Jim, WXØU.  Dwight will be bringing (2) HT Yagi antennas for use during the fox hunt.
o   Dean, KDØAZZ, contacted KVOE and they will be doing “on-air” promos for Field Day.

o   Larry, N0YNN, posed a question regarding having a GOTA station setup however it was determined at a previous eyeball meeting that we would not be utilizing a GOTA station this year due to the limited use it received in year’s past as compared to the work involved in setting it up.  It was noted that in the event that we get a visitor that is willing to Get-On-The-Air, we could always use one of the other available radios to help them make a contact.
o   Tim, KØEMP, indicated that Julie, KDØLYS, would be contacting Linda, KCØUVH, in order to coordinate a meal for Saturday evening.  It was mentioned that it is customary in a potluck scenario to bring enough for your family and two other people.
o   Dwight, KDØOIX, will be making a write-up to put in the trailer regarding the Babbinger Trust funding and sponsors that assisted.  George, KDØRII, indicated he would get the logos for each of the companies off of the web.
o   David, ADØSF, is the assigned Field Day Safety Officer and will make sure that we have the required fire extinguisher and first aid kit onsite for the event.
o   Dwight, KDØOIX, asked Jim, WXØU, to be in charge of messaging again this year which could include the ARRL incoming messages as well as coordinating some additional messaging.
o   As a reminder, everyone should pack plenty of water as well as mosquito repellent and chairs.
o   Bud, N0II, will be providing his 6500w generator so we will have plenty of power and Dwight, KDØOIX, will be bringing his Honda generator as a backup.
o   Bud, N0II, and Belinda, KE0CJU, have graciously sponsored a Porta-Potty which will be delivered on Friday to the northeast corner of the gravel parking lot and will be picked back up on Monday.

·         Dwight, KDØOIX, stated that the two club banners will need to have the call sign changed on them and Tim, KØEMP, thought that the company that made the banners could probably do that.

·         As a reminder, EARS shirts that were designed under the direction of Dean, KDØAZZ, can be ordered directly by going to Uncommon Threads (205 E. 6th Street).

7. Presentation – No presentation during the June eyeball meeting to allow more time for Field Day planning, however presentations will begin again in July. 

·         Please contact David, ADØSF, with ideas and/or suggestions for presentation topics that you would like to see or think would be beneficial to the club.

8. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 11:18 AM.

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