Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 2016 Meeting

Emporia Amateur Radio Society
Science Hall 156, ESU
16 April 2016

Meeting Minutes:

1.     Call to Order - Tim, K0EMP, called the meeting to order at 9:03 am. We had 11 members present and 3 new visitors.
2.     Meeting Minutes - The March 19 meeting minutes had been emailed to the members prior to the meeting. Larry, N0YNN moved to approve the minutes as written, Connie, K0UER, seconded, passed unanimously.
3.     Treasurer’s Report – David, AD0SF, presented the Treasurer’s report. Tim announced that the sale of the donated ICOM IC-746PRO fell through due to the unfortunate death of the person buying it so the pending saving’s account balance showing on the report is no longer accurate. Brief discussion was had on the testing books in the public library. Tim noted and Larry confirmed that the new Tech and General books are in the library, and Tim noted that we will get the Extra book also when they are available in May.  Sean, AD0SG, moved to approve, Sean, KD0WUF, seconded, report approved unanimously.

4.      Component Corner – Postponed until next meeting as Jim, WX0U, was not able to attend the meeting. We did have a couple of questions asked:
            1.         Colton expressed interest in us presenting an Extra license class and Tim stated we would discuss this in our next Executive Meeting.
            2.         Colton also asked for an update on the new Fusion repeaters.  Tim stated that one will be placed in the ESU shack to be operated on 147.310.
            3.         A question was asked about changing out the current 443 with the other new Fusion repeater. Tim stated that the 443 would be left as is for now so we can keep the Echolink functions on it, and that we will be looking to link the 985 and 443 repeaters in the near future.

5.      Announcements and Reports
·         Executive Committee Meeting – David presented short summaries of both the March and April Executive Meetings.

·         Builder’s Corner
o   Sean, KD0WUF, presented a Mirage B23G 2M RF amplifier he purchased for $20. It amplifies on both transmit and receive, 30 watt output on both FM and SSB.

o   George, KD0RII, presented two items. One was an emergency light, an LED light from ETOW.ORG that puts out a low amount of light from a AA cell. It draws very little power and is good for running on nearly dead batteries.  The other item was a small in-line power/swr/frequency counter meter from Surecom, model SW-102. It can be calibrated, has a micro-sub connector and N connectors. Cost was $55.
·         Calling the Thursday Night Net – Sign-up sheet was passed with the results as follows:

21-Apr-16 KDØAZZ Dean Binns
28-Apr-16 KDØAZZ  Dean Binns
05-May-16 WØNXS Lonnie Worthington
12-May-16 ADØSF David Claridge
19-May-16 KEØGXX Colton Wellnitz

·         Next Exam – Tim announced the April VE Testing would be held following the meeting at 12:30 PM in the Science Hall.

6.      Continuing discussion and activity items
·               Trailer Committee Update – Tim announced the committee membership has changed and it now consists of the Executive Committee members and Jim, WX0U. Trailer status, the walls are in, the floor is down and the furniture is built and ready to be installed. Noted that Lonnie, W0NXS, has plans drawn up for the trailer electrical work. It was mentioned that wiring conduits need to be grounded at both ends. Mentioned that we need a trailer work party but nothing specific discussed. Mentioned that we have initiated getting the trailer insurance in place.

·         Sale of Donated equipment:
o   746PRO-Sale fell through due to unfortunate death of the buyer. Tim noted that it was back for sale locally for $900, or $950 shipped.
o   The Yaesu Memorizer 2M radio was purchased by Larry, N0QVD, for $25.
o   The ICOM IC-280 2M radio was purchased by David, AD0SF, for $50.
o   The MFJ Versa Tuner II was purchased by David, AD0SF, for $100.
o   The Radio Shack (Micronta) unregulated power supply was purchased by George, KD0RII, for $10.
o   The Dentron GLA-100B RF amplifier was checked out by Jack, W0FRU, and the tubes are not functioning. Due to tube replacement costs it was estimated that the amplifier was worth about $50 without new tubes. George purchased it for $50.
o   The straight key was examined by several members, and it was estimated to be worth from $3 to $10. David purchased it for $5.
o   The Drake 2M radio was looked at by a couple of members, but no one purchased it. It remains available for $15-20.

·               Field Day Update – Tim stated that based on last meeting’s discussion we will set up as a 2A station on the ESU practice fields (same location as last year). The Field Day posters were presented and set out for anyone wanting to post one around town. Signup sheets created by Dwight were passed around, for signup times for greeter, setup, take down, Voice and Data operator times, and a proposed fox hunt. Not many signups made, will need to pass them around next meeting.

·               DK 200 Update – Tim presented some general information on the checkpoint stations and control operator needs and radio plans for use of repeaters and HTs with a cross band repeater set up in the ESU shack. Tim and Jim have been testing the route (new this year) for radio coverage.  Tim requested volunteers for operators to see if we will have enough, he is estimating we will need 10-12 minimum.  The following members volunteered:

·               KØV Report – No report as Dwight, KD0OIX, was not able to attend the meeting.  Tim did mention that we have the K0V call set up and the dates of operation will be Nov 5-11.

·               Additional Discussions/New Business
o   Proposed club call sign change.  The survey results were presented and noted that the survey winning selection is W0EMP.
o   The club has a Tak-Tenna portable antenna that needs to be checked out. It has been in storage at Wayne’s house, KA0ZVZ. 
o   Tim announced that Connie’s (K0UER) family is having a birthday party for his 90th on July 15 at the Lutheran Church from 3-6pm, and it will be catered by Bobby D’s. 

7. Presentation – David gave a short informational presentation on the differences and similarities of ARES and RACES. Tim provided additional information regarding training on ICS classes 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 KSTRAIN.ORG. 

8. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 11:01 AM.

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