Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Field Day Pics, Part 1

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Field Day 2014 started and ended with a bit of rain, but not enough to dampen spirits!

KD0RTY & KD0OIX got the antenna rig up early.

KC0NFG & KD0ZQL are ready to hoist the dipoles.

KD0AYL stopped by to lend a hand.

Dipoles for 20 & 40 Meters.

Portable for 15 Meters.

KD0FVJ & KD0QOQ get a rig set up while K0SSZ gets some early QSOs.

But the rain started an hour into the event - K0SSZ, KD0WUF, KD0RTY, KD0QOQ & KD0VFJ wait it out.

Still waiting - KC0UVH, KD0AZZ, KC0URW, KC0NFG & KA0ZVZ



A guest signs the guestbook.

The rain finally stops! Here's the view from across the street.

And a shot of the tents.

View from the stand.
 We'll have more pics as you send them, so send them in -

KD0OIX is putting together the logs and compiling the points. Stay tuned for the final results.

de K0SSZ

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