Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ham Of The Year

Hi Everybody:

At the end of 2012, the club recognized Jon Holder N0OFG for his efforts on behalf of amateur radio. So far this year, we have not done this, however, Don Johnson AA0DF is having a plaque made to recognize this year's amateur radio operator who has made significant contributions to the club and to amateur radio in general.

The exec committee has decided to make this process a bit more inclusive this year. If there is a member of EARS and who you feel has made significant contributions to amateur radio, especially in the last year, please nominate them. The Ham of the Year will get a certificate and get to keep and display the plaque for a year.

To nominate somebody, send me an e-mail with their name and a short (3 to 4 sentences) description of their contributions. It can even be a list. The exec committee will then decide among the nominations and announce the Ham of the Year at the eyeball meeting on 15 March.

Please send nominations to me via e-mail by 7 March to kd0oix(at)

Obviously, the exec committee is not eligible to be nominated. It was felt that some people would rather not know if they had been nominated and so in that spirit, the exec committee will make the decision as it has in the past couple of years.



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